About Sponsorship

ROOMSERVICE does not charge a fee to any business to receive our recommendation or to have a Webpage on our site.  When we invite the places we recommend to be included in one of our episodes, there is no fee AND we cover all the production costs.  Our recommendations are very personal and unbiased, therefore we remain a trusted voice for our viewers and followers.
We select our Sponsors in much the same way we select the places we recommend.   We really do use their products and services in our daily lives, and have built a real relationship with them over time.   Just as you believe in our recommendations, we believe in our personally selected Sponsors.
Our Sponsors are Brands we trust,  makers of products we use and believe in, and Personal Services we use consistently.  A Sponsor, on rare occasions, can be a place we recommend to our viewers and followers depending on the circumstances ie:  Mercedez-Benz through Star Motors and our Resident Barber.  However, an individual restaurant or shop cannot be a ROOMSERVICE Sponsor.
Sponsors provide us with our revenue and/or products and services in exchange for voicing our trust in them to you.  They are invited to be part of ROOMSERVICE because they, like you, trust our recommendations and believe in our integrity.
At the end of the day, when you see something from our Sponsors, please know that our trust in them is as important as your trust in us.