About Sponsorship

We select our Sponsors in much the same way we select the places we recommend.  We really do use their products and services in our daily lives, and have built a real relationship with them over time.
Our Sponsors are Brands we trust, makers of products we use and believe in, and personal services we use consistently.
Sponsors provide us with revenue and/or products and services in exchange for voicing our trust in them to you.  They are here at our invitation. They, like you, trust our recommendations and believe in our integrity.
ROOMSERVICE has created the vast majority of the content featuring our Sponsors you see in our Episodes, Social Media and on our website.  It's curated from our own experiences, and first hand knowledge of their products and services.
 Just as you believe in our recommendations, we believe in our Sponsors.  If you'd like to become a sponsor and we determine your company is in keeping with our standards of quality, customer care and authenticity, please contact us at info@roomservice.com