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At our core, ROOMSERVICE provides you with Trusted Recommendations about where to  STAY, EAT, VISIT, PLAY, AND SHOP, both at Home and when Travelling.
Recommendations must come from people who know what they’re talking about.  That’s us! 
ROOMSERVICE was created by David Kenneth de Bruce more than 25 years ago as a full service Interior Design Company, specializing in high end residential & hotel/restaurant design.  People were always asking, “where do you stay, eat, visit, play and shop when you’re travelling for clients and taking holidays?”
Today, with David’s experience, leadership, instinctive knowledge, and passionate personality, his dedicated team ensures that ROOMSERVICE is recognized as the trusted voice.


Upscale Boutique Hotels, Luxury Resorts and Spas, Stately Manor Houses, Authentic Country Villas, Sumptuous Bed & Breakfasts


Fine Dining Establishments, Local Foodie Favorites, Culinary & Beverage Events, Food & Wine Festivals


Historical & Architectural Sites, Museums, Art Galleries, Design Studios, Private Tour Guides


Special Events & Concerts, Adventure Tours, Bikes & Hikes & Walks, Health & Fitness Studios, Personal Event Planning, Unique Things to Do, and Just Having Fun!


Fashion Favorites, Special Gift Shops, Hair Salons, Personal Care and Spa Services, Unique Shops, Interior Design Services and Video/Photo Production Services

First we research each of our destinations extensively and short-list what we think may be the best places to stay, eat, visit, play, and shop.  Then we personally experience each business, and only if we feel 100% confident they have earned our recommendation, they are invited to become a Preferred Host.
After all, our Members count on us to be the Trusted Voice!
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Online and on the Ground

ROOMSERVICE Destinations have an Executive Concierge and Support Team on the ground, opening doors and caring for our Members at home and when travelling. They personally visit all our Preferred Hosts regularly to ensure they continue to be worthy of our recommendations. In addition, they work closely with our Preferred Hosts to Create, Plan and Host unique and exclusive Special Events and Promotions for our Members.


We have a sincere desire to be socially responsible and respectful to the cultures and environments we encounter. We will focus our charitable resources on organizations big and small, that truly make a difference in our local communities and globally.