Project Description

ThimbleCakes strives to cater to those who get left out. They’re completely nut, sesame, egg, honey and gelatine free. They offer gluten free options, vegan options, soy free options and sunflower free options etc. without compromising on the soft, creamy richness of a great cake. Curds, batters, pastries and even ice creams are made in house using ingredients which are organic and Canadian whenever possible. Never too sweet and always the very best flavour, their treats are sure to please your guests or that mid afternoon craving.
THIMBLECAKES says to the PEOPLE + THE ENVIRONMENT:  We at ThimbleCakes solemnly swear to always put your health and the betterment of the environment over profit. We have a huge passion for doing what is right. We use eco friendly cleaners and recycled materials for the environment.

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Winter hours (October – April)

Monday 11am – 5pm
Tuesday-Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday-Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

Summer hours (May – September)

Monday 11am – 5pm
Tuesday-Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday-Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

Want to place a new order?

For questions about an online order, call them at 613-695-0109 or email at

Best parking is street parking anywhere near Thimblecakes.  Closest is on Gilmour Street, east of Bank Street.
Here is the link for Ottawa Transit Trip Planner
There are a few comfy seats inside to sit with friends and have a treat.  There’s also a couple of tables out front for sunny days.
Click here for Thimblecakes’ website.

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