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Canadian Museum of Nature

The exhibits and main programmes are housed in the Victoria Memorial Museum Building in Ottawa, at the museums public engagement campus.
The museum has eight permanent galleries:
  • Fossil Gallery – skeletons and dioramas about dinosaurs and marine reptiles, and the events that led to their extinction and the rise of mammals approximately 85 to 35 million years ago.
  • Nearly 85% of the specimens displayed in the gallery are genuine fossils (rather than fabrications or casts). The Canadian Museum of Nature is one of only a handful of museums in North America to display mostly original fossil material.
  • Earth Gallery – minerals and rocks, and how geological forces have shaped our planet.
  • Mammal Gallery – Canada’s wild animals, including mounts of grizzly bears, polar bears, bison, moose, caribou, pronghorns and cougars.
  • Water Gallery – a blue whale skeleton, exhibits about life found in marine and fresh water environments and the critical role that water plays in sustaining all living things.
  • Bird Gallery – nearly 500 mounts of 450 species of Canadian birds, multimedia experiences and interactive displays.
  • Nature Live – live insects, arachnids and slugs.
  • Stone Wall Gallery – changing displays of art and photography about natural science.
  • Landscapes of Canada Gardens – an outdoor botanical exhibit with zones representing three different ecosystems of Canada: Arctic tundra, boreal forest and prairie grasslands.
  • The Canada Goose Arctic Gallery—a permanent gallery—opened in June, 2017. Contains specimens from the Arctic through authentic specimens and artifacts, stunning multimedia, indigenous perspectives, fun interactive games, guided learning, activities and more.
Features Arctic geography, ecosystems and sustainability, as well as the impacts of climate change. The National Film Board of Canada collaborated with the Museum that harnesses the power of real ice to create a window into the Arctic.
365 Bank St. at Gilmour
Ottawa, ON, K2P 1Y2
Lunch Wed-Fri 11:30am-2pm
Dinner Wed-Sun 5pm-9pm
Window TBA
Best parking is street parking anywhere near Gongfu.  Closest is on Gilmour Street, east of Bank Street.
Here is the link for Ottawa Transit Trip Planner

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