First, we do extensive research on all our destinations, including asking those in-the-know and random people who live there what their favourite places are to Stay, Eat, Visit, Play and Shop.
Second, we short list the places we think might present the best quality, outstanding customer service and the authentic experience.
Third, we experience each place as customers (actually staying at the hotels and experiencing their services,  doing menu tastings at restaurants, private tours of museums, galleries and tourist attractions, attending concerts, theatre and festivals,  We pre-arrange all our visits as we don’t believe in anonymous testing or reviewing.   We want their best possible service for us and especially for you.
Fourth, we sit down with the owners/managers and staff and outline to them exactly what a ROOMSERVICE recommendation means, and what is expected of them.
If everything meets with our expectations and high standards, they are invited to be part of ROOMSERVICE.
Not every place can earn a place with us.  If we are to be the Trusted Voice we must be sure of our recommendations.
Please know that no place can buy a place with us.