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David shares the ROOMSERVICE story:

I founded Room Service in 1991 as an interior design company, focusing on high-end residential clients and other special projects . After a few years, we licensed our name and maintained creative oversight for an Interior Design TV show called “Room Service” of course. That show was #1 in Canada on HGTV for all 5 production years, and is still broadcast in Canada, the USA, and many other countries to this day.
As the design business grew, I began to source materials abroad for clients, and travelled frequently to experience different cultures. Friends and clients were always asking me, “Where do you Stay”, “Where do you Eat”, “Where do you Visit”, “Where do you Play” and “Where do you Shop”.
I created today’s ROOMSERVICE online based on those questions, and now we’re so excited to produce our new show called ROOMSERVICE based on the answers.  Our episodes feature our own authentic experiences in selected places we love.  We have so much fun filming and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the show.
Before the pandemic we started ROOMSERVICE Delivery, providing a much needed white-glove service for our Restaurant and Retail partners who wanted to give their clients and customers a higher end delivery experience.
We have decided to upgrade our service for this new environment.  ROOMSERVICE delivery will be up and running again soon at